SUMMARY Installing revisions of already installed Patches

From: Duncan Vella (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 09:51:24 CST

My Original Question:


I cannot find anything on this on any docs.

What is the correct procedure of applying a revised patch?
Should I delete the original patch first or just install over it?

So far I installed over the previous revision and did not meet with
problems. But recently I heard that I should delete the previous
revised patch first.

Anyone knows the correct procedure?

The answer:

Thanks to Ester Muller, Michael Salehi, Matthew Atkinson and
Leif H. Ericksen

You do not need to remove the old patch. Just install the new
patch over it. Only when disk space is a problem is it suggested
to remove the old patch. Some patches are even inbuilt in the OS and
are impossible to remove.


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