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From: Herb Goodfellow, Jr. (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 08:36:50 CST

I have not received any suggestions or ideas regarding this problem. I
am left to conclude that I am really blind to the obvious or this is not
the "run of the mill" problem. If anyone who knows could please send me
the "Herb "you're a bonehead"" message and point me in the right
direction I'd be grateful. The only thing I can think of is to
"upgrade" to the same version of Solaris. I know an upgrade leaves your
configuration files intact, but I am assuming that it would replace any
corrupted binaries.

I forgot to suggest in my original letter that this box is patched up to

Thanks in advance and if this really is a "in front of your nose"
question then please accept my apology in advance for reposting a
newbie question here.


Original Posting:

Hi there,

I am having a problem with my Solaris 7 11/99 installation. We almost
never use the head on this host, so this problem could have occured
months ago. While sitting in front of the machine, it seems when ever
we launch dtterm we get this error:

This action can not be executed on "localhost" because the "dtspc"
service is not properly configured on this host.

Thinking they might have gotten corrupted or misconfigured, I removed my
~/.dt directory and the /etc/dt/config directory and it had no effect on
the problem. I think I followed the instructions in the Solaris 7 User
Collection >> Solaris Common Desktop Environment: Advanced User's and
System Administrator's Guide Configuring Desktop Clients and Servers
section on While I don't get the error any more - I still
don't get dtterm either.

We use the automounter with a mount point of /net. This is what the
inetd.conf entries look like now:

# Sun ToolTalk Database Server
100083/1 tli rpc/tcp wait root /usr/dt/bin/rpc.ttdbserverd
dtspc stream tcp nowait root /usr/dt/bin/dtspcd /usr/dt/bin/dtspcd
-mount_point /net rpc stream tcp wait root /usr/dt/bin/rpc.ttdbserver
100083 1 rpc.ttdbserver -m /net

The /etc/services file has this in it:

dtspc 6112/tcp # CDE subprocess control

I am missing something that is probably right in front of me. I have
looked at the network settings and I don't see anything obviously
misconfigured. If you see the problem here or can offer any other
suggestions why you think this happened I would appreciate it.

Thanks and I will summarize.


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