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  A predecessor connected our Sparc20 to a console switcher and in order to
allow it to display on a VGA monitor, he made some eeprom changes. What
changes I dont know. I have read the FAQ and tried some of its suggestions.
I have read the man page on eeprom. What I'm looking for is a way to
the eeprom settings back to the original factory configuration.

  Currently I have the system on a Raritan switcher and cannot see the
console. I have to connect in via the net to access the system. I could
connect a dumb terminal to the serial port but that isnt the solution I'm
looking for. BTW: I'm running SunOS 414. TIA.

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And everyone who will respond after I send this :-)

The answers:

set-defaults at the OK prompt.

if you plug all the regular sun keyboard in and press ALT-N on power up you
get factory default.

turn off machine
connect a sun keyboard to the machine
hold down stop and n when you power on
this will reset it to factory defaults


IMHO this is a good candidate for the FAQ.

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