SUMMARY: sunpci card and Win98?

From: Barry Gamblin (
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 12:21:40 CST

I had seven responses. Answers varied. I elected to stick with Win 95
since the user needs to run Office 97, which works fine under Win 95.



No, it's not supported. :-(

"Tom Jones" <>:

I've read somewhere that Win98 is NOT supported by Sun. There is a
whitepaper on that states
Win98 will be supported in future software releases. Supposedly, there is a
difference in drivers....

 "Michael Baumann" <>:
 Yep. Installation is a bitch - just power through the errors and faults.
Some problems with accessing the local drives. - but we work around that
by using a samba server on another host (not the C: and D:, but the
local file systems, CD and A) and I have some problems with outlook
that just take killing off the mapi dll.
But I am writing this from outlook98 on win98 (not second ed.)

"Timothy Lindgren" <>:

Not yet. No sun hardware drivers have been developed for Win98 -- I'm told.


Sean Kincaid <>:

When I was searching for information, I found many sources saying that
they were using Win98 on their sunpci card. The problem I came across
installing it, was that Win98 (giving no other options) tried to install
their drivers automatically. Which in the instructions I had told me not
to install their drivers. What I would suggest is installing Win95, and
then upgrading to Win98. I haven't tried it, but I don't see where it
should not work.

Alan Orndorff <>:

with the 1.1.2? patch, sure

Michael Cunningham <>:

I tried 98 and it blow up pretty good... I ended up going to the latest
oem version of 95 with usb support.

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