SUMMARY:Volume Manager Query

From: Sean Burke (
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 08:31:41 CST

Thanks to Roger Leonard for his speedy response and to anyone
else who takes the time to respond.

Roger's suggestion was to forget about the vxassist method and go
with the vxresize method.

Roger's Post:
i assume you are running ufs. forget that vxassist growby, it is
unnecessary. you can do it a couple of easier ways. either use
vxva and do
a basic ops --> file system operations --->resize
or command line
vxresize -gdiskgroup -x -Fufs volname newsize disk-to-use
example vxresize -gdiskgroup1 -x -Fufs volume1 1040m c0t2d0

My Origional Post:
Managers, I can extend a volume using vxva and I know that
command line use is vxassist growby vol size, but what do you
then do to increase the filesystem?

On ICL DRS/NX running vxvm, you did a vxprint to get the new
number of sectors, then ran fsadm with the number of sectors to
increase the filesystem.

So what is the final step to increase the filesystem on Sol 2.6.?


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