SUMMARY: NIS+ / libthread patch / java 1.2

From: Geoff Lane (
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 02:54:26 CST

The general opinion is to upgrade Java to a lower, but still Y2K compatable
release, that does not require the libthread patch.

A higher risk suggestion was to install patch 108307-01 which may fix the
keyserv problem. As the patch doesn't explicitly mention NIS+ and 105568-14
(libthread patch) doesn't mention 108307-01 it would take some
experimentation and testing to ensure that it resulted in a stable NIS+ at
our site.

One can always use the loaded preload facilities to allow keyserv to use an
older release of libthread but I really don't want to complicate matters
even more with multiple installed releases of libraries :-)

Thanks for the replies.

> On a Sparc Solaris 5.6 system running NIS+ I want to upgrade to Java
> 1.2.1_04 to get Y2K compliance. We can't install patch 105568-13
> (libthread) as required by Java 1.2.1_04 as it kills NIS+.
> The 105568-14 version of the libthread still contains a warning that keyserv
> may be effected.

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