SUMMARY: (x86) Device Config Assistant doesn't start at boot time on 36g Seagate disks

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Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 18:09:16 CST

Thanks to those who offered suggestions, but the answer came from someone in
alt.solaris.x86 who reminded me that I cannot start the root partition on
cylinder 0 with x86. Sometimes it's the most obvious answers which stump you
the hardest.

After resizing the disks with DiskSuite and reinstalling the boot block, all
works perfectly.



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I built a Solaris 7 x86 system which, as it's final configuration should
have 2 36g SCSI disks (Seagate LVD disks) mirrored. Because the CD I have
for x86 doesn't support LVD and the Adaptec 29040U2W card, I had to install
the OS onto an IDE drive, patch the OS (all the way to MU4 aka HW 11/99),
and then ufsdump/ufsrestore the filesystems onto the SCSI disks. I've
installed a boot block onto the SCSI disks using the commandline specified
in the installboot man pages, and changed my BIOS to boot off the
appropriate SCSI drive. However when I reboot, the boot.bin is never loaded
and it just sits at a black screen.

I can boot using the SCSI drives if I use the boot block on the IDE disk
without problems. Keeping the IDE drive on the system as a bootblock loader
isn't really an acceptable solution for me.

I've done this exact setup before except I used 9g LVD disks instead of the
36g disks, and had no problems there. So I'm stumped about this one.

Any suggestions as to what I might be missing here?

Will summarize. TIA,


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