SUMMARY: Changing hostname & IP-adress under Solaris 7

From: Monika Gindl (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 10:19:39 CST

Thanks for your immediate answer to:

David G Wiseman <>
Dirk Jansen <>
Larry Garrett <>
"Satinder S Mangat" <
Casper Dik <>
"Schultz, Juergen" <>
Carlo Musante <>
"Reichert, Alan" <>
Dirk Boenning <>
Kyung Suk <>
Allan West <>
Ronald Loftin <>
John Hackett <>

and all others that may mail an answer regarding my problem after this


I forgot to change entries in:


After setting entries in those files to "newhost", everything works. suggested to use the command:

setuname -n <newhostname>

- I haven't tried this command,, but I took a short look at the manpage,
and I think this could also be a solution.

>From sun, it is recommended to use command:



Best regards,

Original question:

> Hi sun-managers,
> I want to change IP-adress and hostname of a SPARCstation-10 running
> Solaris 7 (NIS-environment).
> I changed entries in these files:
> /etc/hostname.le0
> /etc/inet/hosts
> on the NIS server:
> /etc/domain/ethers
> (new hostname is already in /etc/domainname/hosts)
> When I boot the workstation, it seems to be "newhost" for all other
> machines, but on the SS-10 itself the old hostname still appears (boot
> message after le0-configuration: "Hostname: oldhost"; as prompt on
> dtlogin screen ("Welcome to oldhost"); and when I do a uname -n)
> Any help would be appreciated!

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