SUMMARY: QHA+ y2k compliance

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Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 22:36:42 CST

Special thanks to Martin D. Baldenegro for the prompt response.

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=> Subject: QHA+ y2k compliance
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=> Hi Gurus,
=> This is a bit off topic.
=> A few months ago the web page mentioned that QHA+ ver 1.72A
=> above is y2k compliance. Now, it only mentions that ver 2.2 is y2k
=> Does it mean that 1.72A is no more y2k compliance? Hope someone who know
=> can share with me the answer or point me to the correct website. Thanks.
=> regards,
=> Amos

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  QHA+ version 1.72a is Y2K compliant. QHA+ does not use any
  code that requires the date. Also there is a new version for
  Solaris, version 2.3. Please feel free to email me at Legato
  if you need more information, my email is
  Hope this helps,
Martin D. Baldenegro
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