SUMMARY : hanging ping

From: Abu Ihsan (
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 22:08:37 CST

 I received lots of response with various suggestion.
I run traceroute and ping -sRv as suggested by some
response and I found that the problem was actually the
routing process at some of our routers which sometimes
seems to be looping endlessly.So I get our router team
to fix and everything goes fine now.

thanks to below personnel for their response.

-Erin Jones, Prashant Ranade, Kevin Sheehan,, Bevan Broun.
- Forgive me if there's some one I left their name.


---------- original question -------------

we are using script that uses /usr/sbin/ping to ping
some servers in our network but there are cases where
the pinging process to two of our machine would hang.
(to the same machine).
It just hang without giving a "no answer from
But this does not happen if I ping from a SunOS 4.1.4
or BSDi based machine.
Could anyone give me some hints.
I'm running Solaris 2.6 fully patch.


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