SUMMARY: Solaris / NT logging

From: Alex Natautama (
Date: Sun Dec 05 1999 - 16:07:10 CST

Thank you to
"Paul Pescitelli" <>
"John T. Douglass" <>
and everyone else who have replied.

Paul suggested

John wrote:
There are several shareware/freeware syslog daemons for win95/winNT.
Goto and do a search for "syslog" -- I'm sure
it'll turn up a few options (last time I was looking I found 3-4
different ones, I've not tried any of them however).

I found usefull too.

My original question was:
> Hello Sun Managers,
> This might be slightly off-topic for Sun Managers:
> Does anybody know how to easily pass system messages (like syslog messages) between Solaris & Windows NT?
> Is there a version of "syslog / logger" for NT?
> Any other ideas?
> Alex Natautama

Alex Natautama
Security Management Group
Telecom Systems
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