SUMMARY: lost files in my /dev directory

From: Fred R. Ziegler (
Date: Sat Dec 04 1999 - 18:13:30 CST

Again, a BIG THANKS to this list, and to the following for their replies:

Christophe Colle <>
John Hackett <>
Pete and Nancy Joyce <>
Christian Pinheiro <>
Sean Harding <>
Michael Wang <>

Christophe suggested the following technique:
 Hmmm I guess the best thing to do, is to boot from cdrom, mount your
 old disk on /mnt, and make the links with:
 cd /dev ; tar cvf - . | ( cd /mnt/dev ; tar xf - )

 That should do the job I think.... I never deleted my /dev, so I'm not
 sure ;-)


That method mostly worked exactly as shown, but I did have to exclude the
/dev/fd files before making the copy.

A quick reboot afterwards, and all was well again!

Thanks all!

"Fred R. Ziegler" wrote:

> HELP! A few minutes ago I mistakenly :
> cd /dev
> rm *
> soon the machine crashed.
> now, when I do at the ok> prompt. boot -ras
> after it prompts for the physical name of the boot device, it panics .
> is there any magic to reconstructing the /dev files I had lost??


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