SUMMARY:Powerchute plus for Solaris 2.5.1; 2.6 in simple mode doe sn't work

From: Morgan, Pat (
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 12:41:29 CST

Hi Sun-managers:

I tried all of the suggestions and all were good, but I still get the

 /dev/ttya does not seem to be a modem control port. Qutting.

In response to Alex -

I am enclosing Lori Petrosinelli's response,

Dear Pat,

I understand you are looking for a solution using an APC ShareUPS,
Powerchute Plus for Solaris in simple signalling and Solaris 2.5.1/2.6.
Please find below instructions for trying to determine if it is a shmid

This document includes a patch used to fix shared memory errors (shmid)
when starting the PowerChute plus daemon for Solaris.

Technical Description
Problem :
When attempting to start the PowerChute daemon in simple signaling mode,
either manually or via reboot, the daemon starts and stops immediately.

Solution :
1. Verify the cause of the error.

a. The powerchute error log ( powerchute.err) may record an error like :

     upsd ftok error: Unable to establish BackUps Communications
     upsd shmid error: Unable to estabish BackUPs Communications
     upsd shmid error: Unable to establish BackUPs Communications

If no error is recorded execute the following commands in a Bourne (#)
shell from the powerchute directory:

# PWRCHUTE=/usr/lib/powerchute (assuming powerchute is installed in the
default directory)
# export PWRCHUTE
# TMPDIR=/tmp
# export TMPDIR
# ./_upsd -un 2>/etc/test

This will write the standard error to a file called test in the /etc
directory. The contents of this file will verify if the issue is indeed a
shared memory error.

2. After verifying that the issue is a shmid error follow the directions
and install the attached patch.

(See attached file: sol2free)

a. Log in a as root
b. Place the sol2free in the powerchute directory
(/usr/lib/powerchute/powerchute.ini by default).
c. Make the file executable.
     # chmod a+x sol2free
d. Add a line, in bold in the below example, in the upsd script to execute
sol2free. This line neeeds to be placed before the ./_upsd is called.

For example:

./sol2free /usr/lib/powerchute/powerchute.ini 7 > /dev/null (executes the
sol2free script)
./_upsd $1 2>/dev/null& (starts the upsd process)

e. Start the upsd daemon by issuing the following command on the powerchute
directory or reboot the system.
     # ./upsd


I want to thank the Sun-Managers who took the time and effort to respond.

Moti Levy
Masopust Christian
Hannes Visagie
Lori Petrosinelli
Alex Natautama

Sorry, If I missed anyone



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