[SUMMARY] Netman & Etherman (Where are they now?)

From: Ernest Cespedes (ernestc@intimesw.com)
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 13:19:24 CST


Apparently the original developers of Netman and Etherman took
the tools commercial. I searched for the website of the company offering
the products, but couldn't find it. The source code is nowhere to be
found on [as expected] the net, but binaries are available through:


You will have to tweak with symlinks (/usr/lib/libX...) and install
hershey to get them working.

Also, Anthony David pointed out that a similar tool is available thru:

Thanks to those who replied:

Duncan Phillips
Anthony David
Tim Carlson
Scott Yelich
Igor Schein


> Awhile back around five years ago when SunOS was still the choice of OS,
> I had a couple of cool tools that helped monitor the network status.
> Netman
> (or Interman?) monitored IP connectivity within a single segment and
> graphically
> displayed real-time representation of the network communications.
> Etherman
> is a X11 based which provide protocol summaries, usage statistics and
> snapshots of network activity.
> I was wondering if any one as sucessfully ported these tools to
> Solaris? I checked
> the net and found only SunOS binaries, which does not work with Solaris
> 7 machines.
> TIA,
> -Ernest

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