SUMMARY: Weird CDE issue

From: JKennedy@Claritas.Com
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 18:22:42 CST

Not really a summary since it isn't solved but wanted to tell what I did to
try and fix it.

First, I tried removing everything in /TT_DB (which is the only one I have)
and restarting the Xserver. That didn't work so I tried rebooting. Still
didn't work and nothing was recreated in /TT_DB. Then I removed .dt,
.dtprofile, and .Xauthority and rebooted. Still didn't work and still
nothing created in /TT_DB.

I checked /etc/mnttab for permission issues but it was 644 root:root.

I logged in on the command line and started openwindows manually and it
worked eventually, but it wouldn't start from the dtlogin screen.

All of this was tried as root on the console and all of these files were
under /. Only one other user is on this machine and that's myself for
remote logons. I have no TT_DB, .dt, or .dtprofile as I never logon on the
console except as root.

I checked the entry in /etc/inetd.conf and ttdbserverd is indeed listed as
tli and not stream.

I have turned off dtlogin for now. I can always run openwin from the cli
if necessary.

My thanks to:

Roger Fujii Alex Stepney
Larry Garrett Thomas Wardman

Jeff Kennedy
Solaris Network Administrator
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                    Jeff Kennedy
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Solaris 2.6, patched, on a Sparc20

No idea how it happened or what changed (I was on vacation) but now when I
try and log into cde it hangs at the Solaris screen for about 3 minutes
before it starts cde. Once it starts the actual cde environment nothing but
the background and the icon box (minus any incons) gets loaded. I have
rebooted and even powered off completely.

The last line in startlog is /usr/dt/bin/ttsession[1526]: starting
(ttsession is not a typo)

but about 16 minutes later the errorlog shows

          dtsession: Unable to lock display. Another app may have the
pointer or keyboard grabbed.

Once this happens it's as if it tried to screen lock but didn't make it all
the way. The screen goes blank but it's not locked. Touch a button or
move the mouse and the cde screen comes back for a second and then goes
back to the cde login and I can start all over. However, the dtwm process
still shows running but will die on a normal kill (no -9). The dtwm
inbetween starting and locking is not so congenial, a -9 is required and
then the screen is dead.

Remote logins are not affected. When I run top dtwm is running at about
48% cpu constantly. Doesn't matter if I login as root or myself.


Jeff Kennedy
Solaris Network Administrator

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