Summary: VxVM volume backup script?

From: Peter Keating (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 16:53:27 CST

Original Post:
Subject: VxVM volume backup script?
I wish to set up backups of some DB volumes, either by
using "snapshot" or disassociating a third mirror.
The DB can only be shut down for a short period and a
copy needs to be taken nightly.
Does anyone have scripts to automate this process, in
particular the checking that the original volume is in
a "good" state, including all mirrors?

Running Solaris 2.6, and VxVM 2.6


Thanks to:
Stephen Johnston
Tim Pointing
for their replies, and specially to John Stoffel who
sent me a script, containing plenty of status
checking, which I shall endeavour to mould to my

Peter Keating
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