[SUMMARY] fatal problem with 2.6_Recommended 11/22

From: Michael Pins (mpins@uswest.net)
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 18:15:18 CST

I wrote:

>After installing the Recommended patch set from 11/22 on my Ultra5, I can
>now reliably freeze the machine as a user ("ssh -f hostname xterm" will do
>it nearly every time). As the machine becomes unping'able, and the
>keyboard/mouse are frozen (Stop-a doesn't even work, I need to unplug the
>keyboard to get it to drop the the bootprom), I'm assuming the CPU itself
>is frozen. There are, of course, no error messages or crash dumps
>produced. Sun's response is "ssh isn't supported software". The fact that
>any user can halt any machine at this patchlevel isn't a problem? Yeesh.

>Anyway, has anyone run into this? Or is anyone else running this patchset
>and *not* running into this? I suppose I should start backing out the
>patches one-by-one until it goes away, but I really have more pressing
>things to deal with.

Neil Brosnan suggested it was likely the new kernel patch, 105181-17.
After backing it out, everything works again, so it does indeed appear to
be the culprit. *Don't* install 105181-17, or back it out if you already
have, as it obviously has some nasty bugs. (Neil was getting other crashes
until he backed it out.)

Bruce Cheng mentioned patch 105362-22, (the M64 Graphics Patch) which isn't
part of the recommended patch set. Not having it installed can indeed
cause crashes, but I had installed it in July.

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