SUMMARY: Re: Memory usage

From: Adam and Christine Levin (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 17:15:26 CST

> This time: memory usage. We've got an E3500 (Solaris 2.6) running Oracle
> 8.0.5. We've allocated 1GB of memory to Oracle. The machine has 4GB of
> memory. It's not doing anything but Oracle.
> It's swapping. All 4GB are full. Is there anything like SGI's
> "gmemusage" for Suns that'll let me see exactly what's filling up the
> memory?

Thanks to:
"DAVID,Anthony" <>
David Foster <>
Alan Orndorff <>
David Evans <>
Alex Natautama <>
David Montgomery <>
Larry Garrett <>
Brad Young <>
Seth Rothenberg <>
Heiko Maiwald <>
Daniel Muino <>
John T Nguyen <>
Brion Leary <>

Brief summary:
Internal sun tool called RMCBunyip, which has usefull stuff.
/usr/dt/bin/sdtprocess (which I don't seem to have)
/usr/proc/bin/pmap [-r] [-x] <PID>
Try proctool which is freely available at
ipcs -a
sar -g 2 100
/usr/ucb/ps -aguxw
ps -eal | cut -c43- | sort | tail

proctool and memtool are very cool, and pretty close to what I was looking
for. RMCBunyip appears to be the same as memtool.

Based on sar and SE toolkit output, yes, it really is paging. We're still
trying to figure out why, but with these URLs and tools, it should be
easier to solve.


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