Summary crontab -e problems

From: clifford thurber (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 13:00:12 CST

My problem to my crontab error post can be relegated to the classic "User
Error" type. As I am a devout csh advocate. I had been absently minded
using "set" prior to the environmental setting for EDITOR. I do appreciate
some of the responses I got however and it is nice to know that this forum
is alive and well as always. Thanks again.

>I am trying to edit root's crontab file. I use sh and "set EDITOR=vi;
>export EDITOR"
>However I get the following error message and I am completely stumped:
># set EDITOR=vi;export EDITOR
># crontab -e
>sh: /tmp/crontab0ROxTY: cannot execute
>The crontab file was not changed.

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