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From: Jerry Springer (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 10:19:22 CST

My original question was:
"When starting staroffice it starts-up with a full-screen window. I have
not been able to find a means of starting
it up with a smaller screen size. Has anyone figured this out?"

Thanks to the following for their responses:
Jackie Rosinsky <>
Bernt Christandl <beb@MPA-Garching.MPG.DE>
Roger Fujii <>, who hit the nail on the head with the
following tid-bit:

look in ~/Office51/sofficerc, and look at the line containing
App-Window. The last two numbers seems to be the windows size.

Editing the values on the App-Window definition did the trick.


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attached mail follows:

Hi Jerry,

afaik this full-screen startup results from the "philosophy"
of StarOffice, something like "do all from WITHIN StarOffice"...

Nevertheless for me (Solaris 2.6 + recommended patches + CDE)
StarOffice starts up in a full screen window, but this is resizable
with only one mouse-action. Not so much of an inconvenience that i
would care about. (But i use it mainly to be able to read mails
that come with MSWord-attachements...)

With regards,


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