SUMMARY: migrating accounts from osf

From: Mirat Satoglu (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 01:33:20 CST

Sorry for this late summary, thx to David Foster for his reply. The only
reply i got. I tried to do some tests therefore i didnt summarize before.
Below is my question and Dave's reply. I must say that , when u convert
the password file to sun's passwd/shadow files'format, it works. So,
transparently from users , i can replace the machines. I will write a
script for it. And use a migration tool for home dirs.
Mehmet Mirat Satoglu

> Hi,
> We bought some new sun machines and we want to migrate our users from old
> dec's with osf on them to our sun's...But i dont want to receive thousands
> of phone calls from thousands of users, so i need some advice and scripts
> if useful. How can I create all old users on new machine , how can I copy
> home dirs, how can i handle passwd problem, etc.Old machine is osf1 v3.2c.

From: David Foster <>
Subject: Re: migrating accounts from osf

If you have thousands of users, I'd highly recommend setting up NIS (*NOT
and have the home directories mounted using the auto.home NIS map. Seems
more work initially, but this saves more work than you can imagine. I just
started with a new group that uses NIS, and I can't imagine handling all
those user accounts individually. NIS makes it extremely easy to change
home directories (location and host). This would also handle your password

Check out the "Solaris Naming" docs at for great step-by-step
info on setting up NIS.

Another minor note, I believe there is a pwconv utility that will convert
a single password into the passwd/shadow convention that Solaris can use
greater security.

Dave Foster

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