SUMMARY:Sun StorEdge vs. the competition

From: Nason, Roger (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 08:50:04 CST

Thank you to all who responded. While I did not get the information I was
looking for, competitive analysis info, I did receive some very good
information that will help in the decision. Below are just some of the
replies I received. Again thanks to all who took the time to respond.

I don't have any competitive analysis information but I do have several of
them and they
have performed well. The only real drawback is the fact that the unit has
only 1 controller so you have a single point of failure.

You might want to check with EMC who now owns clarion. I know they make
units much like the A1000.

Have you looked into the nStor's product line to see whether you can find
similar product from them. Their Web site is at

We bought an A1000 from SUN and then found we could get a better deal for a
similar product from Zzyzx ( For an educational institution,
we bought an A1000 for $20k from for 10 18gig drives. From zzyzx we bought
a raid system for $14.5K with 10 18gig drive. This allows us to have
additional hot spares that we don't have on the A1000.

We have been using an A1000 for about a year, and are very happy with it.
There is one issue to be aware of however. The A1000 only has a single SCSI
controller. You cannot really dual port a single A1000.

Don't have any comparative information but we have been using an A1000 and
Raid Manager 6.0 for the past 3 - 4 months on a new E250. We have 12 18gb
disks and are running RAID 5 with one hot spare. So far no problems and it
has been very stable.

Sun's storage I am not impressed. It uses the "GUI raid manager".
And it is buggy. I recommend using Clariion product. Raid Power is
my reseller.

Roger Nason
Liberty Mutual
Technical Services - UNIX
SDN 8-435-4417

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