SUMMARY inetd respawning [CRASH-CORE DUMP]

From: Holmes, Andy (CAP, FLEET) (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 03:28:31 CST

Thanks everybody who helped, this is what I have been told.

A kill -SEGV or 'gcore' will cause a running process to core dump.

To cause the kernel to panic, use adb. Find the symbol for the / and
basically over write it with 00000's, next time the machine needs to use the
filesystem (even to access a dev entry) the machine will panic.

savecore needs to be enabled on 2.6 for the machine to save the dump when it
comes back up again, /etc/rc2.d/S20sysetup.

/usr/bin/savecore -d <path to directory to put the dump>
The -d is undocumented, I believe. This works best just
after a reboot, before swap has gotten stirred up much.

Out of interest, we always have a spare partition capable of holding a
system crash dump in the event that one doesn't get written.. ;-)

Thanks go out to

Mark Sowerby
Darren Dunham

> My real question is, how can I cause a crash/core dump from the command
> of either the whole box or an individual process.

Thanks again.

Andy Holmes

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