SUMMARY: Jumpstart Cookbook

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Date: Wed Nov 24 1999 - 11:57:22 CST

SUMMARY: Jumpstart Cookbook

Thanks To:
David Robillard <David.Robillard@Matrox.COM>
Matthew Stier <>
lauradel collins <>
"Bill Armand" <>
Michael Cunningham <>

The General consensus was to read :"Automating Solaris Installations, A
custom JumpStart Guide" from Paul Anthony Kasper and Alan L. McClellan at
Prentice Hall Editions. (ISBN 0-13-312505-X)" I didn't buy this book since
it is a 1995 edition book and needs to be updated for Solaris 2.6 and 2.7.

I tried some research... first I went to the Internet and Search the Sun
Admin list Archives for Jumstart; in particular postins from 1999.

This was great since we were made aware of many issues with problems using
RAR during the installation, Inter-Operability problems
with ARC-SERVE on the same Segment, that the file system for the jumpstart
must be exported READ-ONLY and why, How to add patches to the jumpstart
image, and patch clusters and the associated problems with installing
"install_cluster", Why sometimes the patches don't show-up on using "showrev
-p" after a jumpstart, why systems over 405MHz CPUs must be supported from
the suppliment CD "which are shipped with the actual systems whose CPU is
over 419MHz.". DNS and lookup problems during the jumpstart. The
documentation is too extensive to document here. You can search the site
for "jumpstart".

We also searched at for Solaris Jumpstart and found
these two sites that can be
considered cookbooks:
This site has a nice Veritas (HTML/PPT) based tutorial and documentation
"Automatic Installation using HP-Ignite and Solaris Jumpstart".
This site has a step by step tutorial with sample scripts etc.

Yes, I did have the "Solaris Advanced Installation Guide" and the
Answer-Book. I was not too happy with the SUN documentation. However, by
combining all the mentioned sorces, we have our
basic jumpstart up and running. We are now in the process of adding all the
Data-Center Crap into it.

Many thanks to all who replied.

Conner McCleod

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