SUMMARY : ftp as root

From: Prashant Ranade (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 12:13:09 CST

thanX to all who responded with special thanX to
Casper Dick
Markus Korth
Craig Russell

the solution :

u should have /sbin/sh listed in the /etc/shells file on the machine to
which u want to ftp as root.
I was listing all other shells but ignoring the /sbin/sh to which the
root defaults to.

my problem post :

hi gurus,
just a few days ago there was a question on ftp and now i have a problem

there are two machines A and B. A is solaris 2.5 and B is solaris 2.7
i'm tring to ftp from B to A as root. A /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow has
an entry for root and that is not empty. there is no /etc/ftpusers file.

/etc/shells have an entry for the normal shells. now when i try to ftp
from B to A what i get is :
530 User root access denied.
Login failed.
i don't think it matters but /etc/default/login COLSOL line is hashed
pl help.

Prashant Ranade
System Administrator (510) 360 1100
Open Management Software inc.

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