SUMMARY: what if you remove lost+found in a VXFS filesystem

From: benedetto lo giudice (
Date: Sun Nov 21 1999 - 12:58:21 CST

Thanks for the reply that follow.

What we did:
mkdir .../lost+found
chmod 755 lost+found
chown root:others lost+found
We also umounted the fs and
fsck -T vxfs .....

After every fsadm operation would work just find.

My concern was that , according to the VxFs manual, in a VXFS the
lost+found is created on the 3rd node.
I was afraid that simply recreating it would not be the correct action.
Thanks again.

Original question:

The lost+found directory on a VxFs was removed and the .fsadm with it...

A shrink failed... How to fix it?


"Timothy Lindgren" <>
mkdir lost+found, chmod it to 755, cd to it, and touch .fsadm, chmod it
to 0600.

"Marco Greene" <>
Backup the filesystem recreate it with newfs and restore the filesystem.

Ed Jones <>
mkdir lost+found
chmod 755 lost+found
chown root:root lost+found

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