SUMMARY: ToolTalk, CDE and 2.7

From: Alex STEPNEY (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 11:08:21 CST


sorry for the late summary, but as usual I've been bogged down in
a tonne of other things. Unfortunately I've had no joy with my problem
(and it seems like several other people have been experiencing this!).

I've patched ToolTalk to the latest version (107893-02) to no avail.

I've removed the contents of the TT_DB directories as the database
can get corrupted, no joy.

Upon restarting rpc.ttdbserverd the daemon restarts as soon as a tt
request is made, but just times out.

It was suggested that:

"Some digging reveals that this is most likely due to getprotobyname()
failing. What causes this? basically it can't find /etc/networks or
equivalent, check that this map is accessible via NIS/NIS+, or that
/etc/networks exists and is valid."

This doesn't seem to be the case here.

Anyway thanks to those who replied:

Original post:

>I've recently moved to a new post and have experienced a problem
>which we never found a solution for at my previous post. Basically
>the problem is this:
>On any 2.7 file server the ToolTalk daemon is up running, but no
>TT_DB directories are created. When trussed the daemon is sleeping,
>so when a user logs into CDE the session doesn't start correctly
>and is waiting for ttdbserverd to respond (which it doesn't).
>Eventually (about 15 mins) a session starts, but without a windows
>Typical syslog message:
>rpc.ttdbserverd[656]: rendezvous_request : no suitable transport
>Is this a common problem? Or do most people just turn off ToolTalk
>as its a security risk anyway, which seems to solve the problem?
>Problem is users like their drag&drop features, so I'd like to
>keep ToolTalk running.

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