SUMMARY: Hardware RAID for SUN

From: Mike Ghicas (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 11:08:48 CST

Thanks for all who replied. My original question was a little vauge:

Is there any company that makes SBUS Hardware Raid cards (0,1,3,5) for
an U2
How about a PCI Raid card for an Ultra 10?
I am having difficulty finding such a beast.....
Any pointers/products/experiences would be appreciated.

I probably shuold have mentioned that I was looking for a Hardware RAID
PCI Card so I could attach a JBOD that I have.

Anyway, I got a handfull of responses (thanks to all who replied), and
here is a summary of them:

Sun makes some products:
A PCI RAID card for e250's and e450's part number X6542A
The A3500 which is a separate unti with a RAID controller built in.
The A1000 is an all in one disk and RAID controller solution.

I managed to find to products that would fit my need:
Antares Makes an SBUS card that does RAID 0,1,3,5 but it is
discontinued..... (oh well) sells a PCI based RAID controller
(single and dual channel, ultra wide and U2W) - they are relatively
cheap (<$1000) and look like they will address my needs.

On the software side:
Disksuite (included w/solaris) (I have used this and really do not like
Veritas / Sun Enterprise Volume Manager (i use this product and really
like it)

again, thanks for all the replies

-mike ghicas

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