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Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 12:46:24 CST

I've received an additional three more answers from Dave, Elsa, and
Alvaro,and wanted to send them out with my last summary. Thank you for
replying to my question.
Below is the original summary and the FIRST three answers are the most
RECENT answers I've received to my question of the total six thus far.
Hello Sun-Manager peoples and all those head hunting lurkers... <grin>
Thank you Michael, Sue, and Bas for providing feedback on my question thus
If any of you reading this haven't yet answered and also have a great idea,
please lemme know.
>From my understanding of the answers below I can:
    Set it up for network use without a license(?)
    I need to use the /NET option when installing it to the server and to
*not* install it on the server
    I need to individually install it to each workstation, using the plain
setup command
Based on the answers so far, I presume it means I will be unable to use the
automounter (Solaris 2.6) or NFS mounts when dealing with this software
puppy. We were hoping to do so and save much needed space since this sucker
is a hog! Hey it was free so what can I say...
Oh well, I'll try it out on a couple of platforms and determine tolerance
and such.
Wish me luck setting it up properly. <smile>

We're trying to set up the Star Office on the network but haven't got it
running yet. We seem to be running into a license issue. Has anyone had
such a problem with their attempt? It almost looks like you need a license
to run it on a network. Thank you for your help with this...


I had the same problem, it looked like when you download the "free" version,
you have to run it as the user-name that you registered it for. Hopefully
Sun will correct this.



You must first do a "network" installation of StarOffice. Later, each
individual user must do an "installation" with his(her) license, which as
far as I know you can get from StarDivision's web page. Hope this helps.



Hi Bob,

You do not need a license. You only need to run on the server ./setup /net
and at the user workstation ./setup Regards,


The first time you installed it you gave it the /net option, yes? Then
each user will have to 'install' it themselves (this, I believe, just sets
up some directories under the users home directory, etc.).



Hi Bob

When you install the StarOffice on the server, use the setup command setup
/NET. /NET in uppercase is important - /net does not work! (At least,
not for me) The install readme textfile is misleading, I found this
information by accident by clicking on a help or readme type button on the
very first GUI screen during an unsuccessful network installation Do
not start staroffice directly on the server - install staroffice on client
systems (using the command "setup" without switches) and you will be given
the option to install just the "2MB" version. Hope this helps




You indeed need a license to ru it on the network, it says so when
installing it. I believe it is explained on the Sun site. Good luck,



Bob Kowalke
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