[Summary]: Unable to boot off remote cdrom

From: Z.K. Zachariah (zac@agorics.com)
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 17:29:55 CST

Thanks to all who responded. The tool add_install_client modifies the
/etc/nsswitch.conf file at the bootparam line and changes it to
bootparams: files nis
It also creates the /etc/bootparams file. Since we have NIS configured
at our site, the change in the /etc/nsswitch file led me to believe that
it was not required to change the bootparams nis map, since it would
read from the corresponding /etc/ file. However, I was wrong. It was
only after changing the /etc/nsswitch file back as before , that is
bootparams: nis [NOTFOUND=return] files
and then changing my nis maps for bootparams that it worked.


My original post:
> I am not able to boot from a sparc server from a remote cdrom drive.
> The sparc server in question is a Sparc SS2. It has no local cdrom and I
> tried booting through a cdrom on an ultra 10. As far as I know I have
> done all the required steps correctly. Since we use nis, I have ethers
> file setup for the SS2 and modified the nis map to reflect this. The
> system is to be booted on Solaris 2.6. I also did a add_install_server.
> Now when I give a boot net at the ok prompt on the SS2 , it tries to
> locate the install server and finally gives up after spinning some numbe
> with a message
> Could someone explain what this means. Am I missing something?
> Thanks in advance
> -Zac

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