SUMMARY: problem with nis on solaris 7 sparc

Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 14:36:30 CST

Original message:

>From vladimir Sun Nov 14 23:31:11 1999
>Subject: problem with nis on solaris 7 sparc
>Dear Sun Managers,
>after initializing nis on a solaris 7 machine,
>(I ran /usr/sbin/ypinit -m to setup the master yp server),
>I got the error messages:
>Nov 14 19:06:23 ypbind[343]:
>service not installed, use /usr/sbin/ypinit -c
>Attempts to change the password fail with the error:
>passwd (NIS): Couldn't change passwd/attributes for vladimir
>Permission denied
>I can ypcat passwd and other maps on the master nis server. I cannot
>figure this out, what do you think might be wrong? Thank you!
> Vladimir

I found a problem. I was initializing the yp master server with
domainname set to math.uic. (not the '.' at the end).
This doesn't work! I did a truss on ypserv process, it was trying
to open /var/yp/math.uic/ypservers file (note there is no dot here).
After reinitializing yp master with domainname set to "math.uic"
things worked ok.
Thanks for all who replied! I honestly don't see how anyone could find
an answer from the information I had provided.
Thanks to
Michael Cunningham <>
"David Evans" <>
Rami Dass <>
Fitzgerald, Nollaig" <>


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