SUMMARY: Disksuite Mirrored Root and 2.6.

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Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 07:34:34 CST

The original question is attached at the end, but revolves around whether
Maintenance Update 2 (plus normal patches) is safe to apply on a mirrored
root(DiskSuite). Given that it brings your system up to Solaris 2.6. 5/98
level, does it affect the software in any way while running.

My thanks to all the following for their solid advice (and anyone whose help
hasn't got through yet). I drew up a plan (included here) using their input
and it all flew through smoothly. Not a murmur :-))

Alex Goodson
Neal S Pressman /
Michael Sullivan []
Greg Polanski []
Sue Gray []
John Nield []
John Weekley []
John Chrisoulakis []
Dennis Martens []

And particularly to the following for indulging me in a little dialogue.
Thanks : -

Erin Jones []
A Darren Dunham []
Daniel Muino []
Hill, Robert []
Andy Paton []

The answers largely said the same thing - MU2 is really no more than a large
bundle of patches, and in everybody's experience it was OK to apply patches
to a mirrored root under DiskSuite. However, some individuals suggested that
you may as well break the root mirror anyway, as it's an extra layer of
safety and takes little time or effort.

Also, a number of people pointed out the existence of the DiskSuite patch
104172-16 , which cures loads of glitches and needed checking and applying.
Its special instructions indicated no problems with applying whilst up.

In the end I did the following (but of course your own methods and mileages
would vary ;-) )..
Reboot fully, test all services
Complete back-up of system
Break root mirror (metadetach)
shutdown to single user
Apply MU2
Reboot fully, test all services
Apply 104172-16 and reboot
Apply 2.6 recommended patch cluster
Apply 2.6 Y2K patch cluster
Reboot and test services
Re-create root mirror (metattach) & resync
Complete back-up of system

The list comes through again.
<Original Question>
>Hi All,

I've just picked up support on an E450 on Solaris 2.6 without a single
patch, so I'm about to take it through MU2, Recommended repairs and Y2K in
one fell swoop.

However, I've just noticed it has a mirrored root using ODS. I know that
Solaris upgrades can't handle these, and you need to unmirror. Thing is, MU2
and patches isn't really an upgrade is it ?

Anybody know - is there any need to break this mirror, or can I just apply ?

Will summarize,

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