SUMMARY: NTP user interface routines not configured

From: Fulvio Corno (
Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 07:06:15 CST

Thanks to all who responded:

- John McIntire
- Tim Carlson
- David Lee
- Ian Durkacz
- Michael Sullivan
- Laurinda Chamberlin
- Michael Brock
- Hans Foertsch

and to Dale L. Brewe, whom I contacted privately after seeing his Usenet

Problem cause: the xntpd demon distributed with Solaris 7 is broken on
64 bit architectures.

See: Bug report 4169744
Solved by: Patch ID 108338-01 (released Oct'99)

Applying the patch worked for me, solving the problem!
By the way, a search on SunSolve with the text of the error message
brings up the Patch ID. I was sure I had tried that before posting, but
apparently my brain got our of sync, too.

Other relevant suggestions (that I did not try):
- Info doc #16273 (useful for general NTP configuration)
- Get and compile xntp from xntp3-5.93.tar.gz is reported
to work

Thanks to everybody.

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From: Fulvio Corno <>
Subject: NTP user interface routines not configured

Dear Sun Managers,

I have a couple of Sun Ultra 5 (SunOS orco 5.7 Generic sun4u sparc
SUNW,Ultra-5_10) on which the xntpd demon is not able to synchronize the
machine clock.
xntpd connects fine with the designated ntp server, tracks the time, but
never modifies the system time.

The only clue, is that on startup xntpd logs the following to

Nov 4 13:15:46 orco xntpd[210]: xntpd version=3.4y (beta multicast);
Fri Aug 23 19:54:40 PDT 1996 (2)
Nov 4 13:15:46 orco xntpd[210]: tickadj = 625, tick = 10000,
tvu_maxslew = 61875
Nov 4 13:15:46 orco xntpd[210]: NTP user interface routines not
configured in this kernel.

I found 3 (unanswered) similar questions on this list, and on
Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

Thanks, I'll summarize


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