SUMMARY NIS Master / Slave

From: Jeany (
Date: Sun Nov 14 1999 - 13:40:49 CST

I had sent this Summary before, but I'm receiving mails asking for the
May be the earlier Summary is some where in a black hole on my network.
(We had a email server crash couple of weeks earlier)

      If the slave server is setup correctly then it should serve NIS when
master is down. That's the whole idea of having a slave server. Well it
makes sense.

Thanks to many responses.

Things to verify:
ypserv should be running on the slave.

Make sure the slave is ypbinding to itself, and not the master. Check
/var/yp/binding/your.domain/ypservers. If it does not exist, create it
with the name of your slave server in it. If you bind to the master,
the slave will hang when the master goes down.
=> This is what happened in my case.

Thanks again.

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