SUMMARY: Solaris7 + network + HP1050C plotter

From: Reichert, Alan (
Date: Fri Nov 12 1999 - 12:33:23 CST

Original situation:

> All,
> We're having problems getting our Solaris 7 boxes (Ultra2 machines)
> to recognize/use some HP1050C plotters over a network. The
> resources I've
> looked at do not cover network printer/plotter setups or
> troubleshooting.
> The plotters have JetAdmin cards, and have their own IP addresses and
> operate with DLC on
> (we're a mixed UNIX/NT environment). HP recommended removing
> JetAdmin S/W
> from
> the system as there is no working version of it for Solaris7 yet.
> Can anyone point me towards good resources for setup information?

I've received responses from Tim Carlson, Shawn Kondel, and Dan Stromberg.

Tim and Shawn seemed to think that JetAdmin would work, and Tim said he's
using it
with different plotters with no problems.

Dan replied:

"We've had tons of problems with the networking built into HP printing
devices. I'd recommend buying from another vendor.

However, if you're committed to making this work, I'd check to see if it
has lpd, and use that if possible. Barring that, download and compile
ifhp, and see if that'll talk to it (telnet printer.ip.address 9100 to
see if it does this protocol). If that doesn't work, I guess you could
try CAP. If none of those work, I'd pretty much forget about it. Maybe
CUPS would talk to it.

But I'm guessing 515 (lpd) or 9100 ("jetdirect" sometimes) will do it."

Currenlty, we're working with the JetAdmin package that Tim recommended, but
are still having no luck. We will continue to abuse our brains and turn grey
to figure out what's going on here. Direct connections to the machine is
an option.

Thanks all.

- Alan

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