SUMMARY: iowait and oracle

From: Erin Jones (
Date: Fri Nov 12 1999 - 11:22:59 CST

Hey all,

the majority of responses said it was really no problem. I had a couple
suggestions to check sar -d as a more informative measure. I did and the
%busy was 0-1.

a couple excerpts:
from arthur darren dunham:
I/O wait time just reflects the fact that there is nothing else to do
right now, but at least one runnuable process is waiting on an I/O
transfer. That all by itself is not bad, especially in your situation.

Some other metrics for your purpose (xfers per second, transactions per
second) would be much more useful to find out how well the machine is

from anthony david:
>From my experience, RDBMS databases are I/O bound unless they
are small enough to fit into RAM (then they are CPU bound).
I have only seen Informix do this. Oracle and Ingres always
seem to get I/O bound.

They love using all the resources they can get away with.

What is abnormal is the drop to zero :-)

one response said it was a large problem. I am not really worried now that
I see the disk busy is so low and it doesn't seem to be slowing the
machine. but he did provide to very informative links that I though I
should mention:

another interesting url is:

thanx to all who responded:
reinaldo luis ono
damir delija
kevin sheehan
anthony david
mark neil
arthur darren dunahm


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