SUMMARY: determining memory on SunOS4 without using dmesg

From: Danny Cox (
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 04:14:12 CST

Well .. very interesting. A whole range of responses on this.
They basically fall down to:

#adb -w -k /vmunix /dev/mem < /dev/null
physmem 3fb1
then multiply the output of these by one and another to have the amount
of RAM

strings /dev/mem | grep "mem ="

/usr/etc/devinfo -vp

Use top - which was an interesting comment but a little inaccurate (thanks
though of course).

/usr/diag/sundiag/pmem v

And various bits of software:

sysinfo, memconf(needs Perl)

Suggestions to use prtconf (Solaris only though)

Many thanks to all for an interesting series of lessons:
Misha Pavlov
Jean-Christophe Touvet
Jay Lessert
Nollaig Fitzgerald
Greg Willson
Chan Cao
Dan Stromberg
David Foster
Brion Leary
Kevin Sheehan
Bill Hebert
Tom Schmidt
Jens Fischer
Ryan Matteson
Imre Kolos
Jochen Bern
Dave Harrington
Thomas Anders
Steve Butterfield

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