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From: Rich Quinn (
Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 11:13:39 CST


My original post is at the bottom,

Thanks to the list for its many and quick replies.

Many of you replied very quickly with suggestions to use 'htpasswd'.
I did forget,at first, to mention that I could not find the binary.
Someone did tell me where to get a copy of the binary since it did
not come with our netscape enterprise server distribution.

Duane, Anand, and Jochen all suggested that I use perl's crypt,
or simply run the passwd command against a file different than /etc/passwd.

as far as Discussion lists for netscape go: and
were suggested.

thanks again and here is my original post:

> Hi,
> This is a netscape related question. I'll put the easy
> answer one first:
> 1. What is a URL for a good netscape listserve?
> 2. I am trying to password protect some of my web pages, the
> instructions
> say to use htaccess, they go on to say that you point one of your
> .htaccess files to a password file that contains 2 entries which are a
> username and a DES encrypted password separated by a colon.
> My question is this. Can I use DES directly to create a
> password? I read
> the man page and it looks like it, I just gotta supply a key
> and an input
> file by the looks of it, but I am not sure.
> I tried to experiment with it to no avail.
> Can I use DES to make a key to put in a password file?
> TIA for any help,
> Rich

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