SUMMARY: Linking a UE5000 to a SSA through 2 fibre channels

Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 07:26:49 CST

I had the following question:

> I have an Ultra Enterprise 5000 connected to a SPARCstorage Array 100 through
> single fibre-channel.
> Lately a FC/OMmodule died so I lost the connection and had to replace this
> module.
> My question is: is it possible to connect the SSA through the second port to
> 5000 in order to have a
> way to quickly connect through this second channel in case the first one dies
> again? This would reduce
> the downtime.
> I have looked in the manuals and the mention all possible configurations
> the one I want.
> I guess it would require to change device names in Solaris etc. but I can't
> oversee all the
> posible difficulties that will be there.
> Has somebody already tried this?

Thanks to all who read my question and especially to those who replied:
Darran Dunham, Kris (Unixboy), Scott Kulp and OGIRAUD:

The best option is to use Dynamic/Alternate/Hardware Multipathing under
Veritas/Enterprise Volume Manager but one has to test it with the SSA100.


Flip Zwart

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