SUMMARY: Sol 2.6 Netscape Communicator install problem

From: Brown, Melissa (
Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 13:15:37 CST

I got a lot of help on this from a lot of people. Thanks very much!!!

Suggestions were
1) A shell wrapper script was in a different shell than I was running it
from, ie /bin/sh vs. /bin/csh
2) the install binary was for a different architecture, ie x86 instead of

I hate to admit it, but it was the architecture. I'm still doing the
summary because it just MIGHT help someone else someday.
The install just might be the file's fault and not what you were doing to
secure your system. Double-check and triple-check the name of the file,
even if your download source was the vendor's site.

My tar was labeled communicator-v461-us_x86-sparc-solaris2_4_tar, from a
link for Unix Solaris 2.4. The install completed without error. It was
only when trying to run the executable that I encountered problems.
Definately my fault I didn't notice the x86 because I was concentrating on
the "sparc" word.

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Subject: Sol 2.6 Netscape Communicator install problem
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I've rebuilt a system with Solaris 2.6, all recommended patches. I've also
made changes (a lot of them) to tighten security.
I just installed Communicator 4.61 (128-bit) and it didn't error expect for
the vreg error because it didn't have a previous copy to update....
It's in /opt/netscape and when I try to run it, it gives me this error:
./netscape: syntax error at line 1: ')' unexpected
Does anyone know what I did wrong, didn't do at all, or did to the OS that
is keeping me from running it???
Any help is greatly appreciated.....

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