SUMMARY: Testing

From: Howard Boggs (
Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 11:03:21 CST

I have been getting all of your responses, thank you
all for getting back to me. I have even received some
saying they would send me summary's of the mails I have
missed! I still am not getting the mails sent to
sun-managers I can mail to but not receive from. This
is scary since I don't know how much I may not be receiving.
I have added a new service to our fire wall called auth and
also put in our fire wall to dis-allow forwarding so I am
looking more into these. Thanks again for all your responses.
As soon as I find the problem I will send a short summary.

Best Regards


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From: Howard Boggs [mailto:hboggs]
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Subject: Testing

I havn't been receiving any emails from sun managers since 12am Thursday
morning. Is anyone else having problems? If someone could reply could
you also copy my hotmail account to be sure I get it?



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