SUMMARY: NIS capacity

From: James Walden (
Date: Fri Nov 05 1999 - 12:27:55 CST

I received responses from two people on this issue.

Danny Johnson <> suggested renicing
ypserv by -10 to prevent timeouts which I'm planning to test.

Imre Kolos <> explained his NIS configuration:

we have just over 250 NIS clients served by 2 NIS servers.
The master is Ultra 1/170 with 256Mb RAM and a single FastEthernet.
It is also DNS primary and mail exchanger for our domain, mailbox
server for about 200 users and even runs flexlm license servers.
Still it works remarkable well, we only had a minor problem when
the number of clients hit 250 mark, but we could solve that (and
it was mail related)

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