SUMMARY: Pwd fails in directory mounted from VMS

From: Patrick L. Nolan (pln@egret1.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 19:19:13 CST

I have received several responses already. They are unanimous. Everyone
says that the permissions on my mount point are bad. This didn't help, but
the problem is solved, I think.

I didn't mention in my first message that the mount was done by a link to
the magic /net directory:
ln -s /net/vmsmachine/directory /space/DIRNAME
Thus there was no actual mount point that I could mess with.

I got disgusted with the automounter, so I redid it in a more conventional way:
rm /space/DIRNAME
mkdir /space/DIRNAME
create an entry in /etc/vfstab:
  vmsmachine:DIRECTORY - /space/DIRNAME nfs - yes bg
mount /space/DIRNAME

(Note the uppercase DIRECTORY this time. It works this way, not the other.)

The problem is gone. I don't know why.

Thanks to Jim Davis, David Montgomery, Jeffrey Pyne, Nate Itkin, and Rasana Atreya.

Original question:
> I don't know if this is a Solaris problem or a VMS problem. Maybe it will
> look familiar to someone on this list.
> We have a Solaris 7 machine (Ultra 5) which is, among other things, the NFS
> client of a VMS server. I have no access to the VMS machine, so I don't know
> what sort of software it's running. In a subdirectory of the mounted file
> system, the pwd command doesn't work. It says,
> > pwd
> pwd: cannot determine current directory!
> Also, make fails like this:
> > make
> make: getcwd: : Invalid argument
> It looks like a generic problem. However, $PWD is set correctly. I can cd
> into the bad directory and examine its contents, so it's not just a stale
> file handle. There is no problem in the parent directory, which comes from
> the same server.
> Just in case it was something going stale, I re-mounted the file system by
> hand. Nothing changed.
> The guy who reported the problem says that he has no difficulty on other
> clients, linux and aix. He is the administrator of the VMS server, so he
> says that couldn't possibly be the problem. He also says that there was no
> problem a month ago. I have changed some stuff in the last month, but I don't
> see how it could relate. I installed AFS and added a module to PAM. The shmem
> size was increased.
> Does this sound familiar at all?

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