SUMMARY: Need a little help, bad disk?

From: Bruce Bowler (
Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 14:19:55 CST

Thanks to folks too numerous to mention... There appear to have been 3
spots on the disk that went bad that various incantations of format were
able to mark as such.

Unfortunately, where they went bad appears to have corrupted most of the /
file system so not much was recoverable off the disk. Thank the diety of
your choice for backups.

The (not so) "secret command" that I had forgotten in the frustration of
having 3 machines die on the same day (the sun and 2 wintels) was boot
cdrom -s

Thanks again, you really are a great bunch!

>I've got a sparc 5 that just died... When I try to boot it, I get the
>normal startup banners and after it spits out the copyright line, I get
> Short read Ox2000 chars read
> Disk read error
> WARNING: cannont open system file: /etc/system
>Then repeated 18 or 20 times (rp is different each time),
> BAD TRAP: type=9 rp=f0241ff4 addr=c mmu_fsr=326 rw=1
> :Data fault
>and finally
>I'm assuming that my system disk is dead, but just in case there's some
>'magic command' that'll let me get the system back up long enough to do a
>backup, I thought I'd ask...

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