SUMMARY: 64-bit pppd 2.3.9 anyone ?

From: Thomas Leitner (
Date: Tue Nov 02 1999 - 05:58:21 CST


The solution is simple: Get an install ppp 2.3.10. It contains 64-bit
support for both, Solaris 7 and Solaris 8 beta. The source can be had


I've compiled it with Sun Workshop C 5.0 without problems, the link is
up and running again and life is good.

Thanks // Tom

On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Thomas Leitner wrote:

> I'm desperately seeking for a 64-bit pppd 2.3.9 driver. I've successfully
> used the pppd 2.3.9 package to connect 2 suns over a async serial leased
> line. However one of the two suns was now upgraded to an Ultra-5 and they
> choose to install Solaris in 64-bit mode. Now the pppd Software does not
> work anymore:
> Nov 2 10:52:34 xxxxxxxx unix: NOTICE: ppp: 64-bit driver module not found
> Question:
> a.) Is anyone aware of a 64-bit compiled pppd 2.3.9 Package ?
> b.) How can I compile pppd 2.3.9 for 64-bit support? (I've got Sun
> Workshop 5.0 installed).
> Just to avoid confusion: I'm not talking about the ASPPP package delivered
> with Solaris which is something different and which I don't want to use
> because the PPPD software has better compression which I need due to the
> slow serial link.

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