Summary: Where the routing is setup in Solaris 2.x other than /et c/gateways and /etc/rc3.d/S...

From: Steven Quan (
Date: Mon Nov 01 1999 - 11:15:10 CST

Thanks all, especially Leonard, Roger, Studebaker, Mark R, Michael Steeves,
Dan L. Ostrom, Rich Quinn, Jankowski, Richard , J.R. Lee , McIntire, John ;
Clifford Thurber; David Foster; Timothy Lindgren; Renny Koshy ; Prashant
Ranade; Sean Quaint ; Samir Sethi ;

I've found the routing setup in /etc/init.d/inetsvc.

The routing table can get information from (not in particular oder):
1. /etc/defaultrouter
2. from routers on network.
3. /etc/gateways
4. /etc/rc3.d/S... (script to add route to routing table...)
5. /etc/init.d/inetsvc

Thanks again,



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