SUMMARY: Anyone running Lotus Notes on Solaris ?

From: Abdon Tremols (
Date: Mon Nov 01 1999 - 09:08:04 CST


thanks to all who replied,

Original Question:

 We have installed Lotus Notes on Windows NT, but we have been
 considering to move it to Unix. I would like to hear opinions about
 people using it on Solaris.


I used to run in on Solaris x86 2.5. I liked it.. and it worked fine...


Watch your footing. Vent ahead.

I have used the 4.5 client extensively under AIX4.2.1, but never under
Solaris (which is relatively new to me... that's why I'm lurking in
sun-managers). If the AIX port is typical for the UNIX series, then you
should avoid it. In addition to the usual Notes stupidity that you've no
doubt found in the NT version (the nice GUI (is that done or cancel?),
general bloat, lousy email editor, wonderful ability to choose just the
wrong person from the address book (without warning you about the
ambiguity), and so on), you'll have to contend with other wondrous problems
like only single user availability (yes, on a UNIX system), core dumps and
other miscellany ("Fatal error. Freezing server threads" is imprinted on my
brain; "What server? I'm only running the client!?"), hanging X-servers,
sometimes just refusing to start up at all with peculiar Xresource problems,
interesting support for mail attachments, slow response speed, it clobbering
your desktop.ini file if there's a problem, and doubtless many other day to
day afflictions that I'm only to glad to have forgotten about.

Oh, and watch out for the fact that you'll only get 40-bit encryption if
you're outside the US (unless you have an enlightened supplier that will
heed the latest changes in the crypto export laws). Swedish government got
bitten big by that one a year or so ago.

I'd rather use this crummy hotmail account than return to Notes under AIX.
It'll be interesting to see other people's responses though.


I have a client using lotus domino in one enterprise 450 computer with
solaris 2.6 and until now this working correctly.

Amparo Blanco <>

we have lotus notes client installed on few sun wks and sometimes works
fine...too much time it crash very easly.
In my opinion I'll leave lotus notes on NT because works fine.

good luck and have fun

Alfredo De Luca

Running Notes/Domino on Solaris here.

Paul Terzulli

I used it on unix at my last job and it was great! We had an entire
newsroom of reporters that used sparc stations and they had their lotus
notes on their stations and they loved it. It is easy to install and it
works the same. We never had any problems.

Yvonne Herman

Currently running Lotus Notes 4.6.4 on Solaris 2.6. No complaints. I am not
a fan of Notes, but things have gotten better with each subsequent release. I
have always heard that Unix was better for large Notes servers. The only
issue I've run into is that Lotus Notes seems to run much better when
everything is local as opposed to NFS mounted.


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