SUMMARY: configuring to send mails to solaris and windows users ...

From: Minal (
Date: Mon Nov 01 1999 - 05:03:54 CST

Hi all,

     Sorry for the late summary.

My original question was :

We have a local network of Solaris , Winnt , Win95 machines.
No naming service is configured. Using MS exchange server, We
want to exchange mails between users of Sun Solaris and Win95.
Can somebody point out some good sites for configuring this.

Our proble was solved using pine.
Thanks to Khoi Ngo, Erin Jones and Imre Kolos.
I am attaching their repiles.

1) From Khoi

In Exchange, use Internet Mail Connector (IMC) to the Solaris. Also you need
to create Customer Recipient in Exchange so that Win95 users can send mail
across Solaris....

     2) From Erin

have the suns be pop servers.
or use pine to pull mail off the exchange box.

    3) From Imre

A) Throw out MSX, install SIMS IMAP4 server on solaris,
        Win95 clients use IMAP4 and SMTP to send mails.


B) Set up MSX for IMAP4, and add an SMTP connector to it
        (if you have internet connection you probably already have one)
        then solaris clients can use IMAP4 to read mails and
        can set the MSX as their Outgoing SMTP server.



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