[summary] where to find shelf for E5000/E5500

From: Michael Wang (mwang@tech.cicg.ml.com)
Date: Sat Oct 30 1999 - 22:41:32 CDT

About one month ago, I asked where to find shelf which
can put in the cabinet for E5000/E5500.

I did not get any from the list but I did my own research
and trial. I ordered "fixed shelf" from Shark Racks for
$200.00 and $10.82 shipping. It fits in E5000/E5500 cabinet

I am disappointed that Sun does not sell the shelf. I need
the shelf for two reasons: (1) I can place third party devices
in the cabinet. (2) place the desk top version
instead of rack mountable version of devices for flexibility.

I think Sun should be a little bit open minded. The close mindness
is clearly demonstrated by that Sun High Availability software
only supports Sun storage, though in practice it works for any storage.

I hope this summary helps people who have samilar needs. Thanks.

Michael Wang

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