Summary: patchadd not working fo rpatch 107587-01

From: Kevin Van Der Hart (
Date: Thu Oct 28 1999 - 06:25:51 CDT

I only received 2 replys. On was a "me too" and the other was to check the
/var/sadm/patch/107587-01/logs for errors. The directory never got created
in the patchd folder. I talked to Sun support who basically came up with no
reason why. I had downloaded this on a Sun, unzipped it and was using rcp to
copy the patch to the servers that needed it installed. I downloaded a new
zip file and copied the zip file across to each server and then unzipped it
and it installed properly. Either my first download was bad or rcp changes
some permissions in the patch folder.

Original message follows:

Sunscan version 2.3b tells me that I need to apply patch 107587-01 to all of
my Suns running Solaris 7. This includes hardware from an E3000 down to a
Sparcstation 10. I have tried installing it on multiple servers and always
get the same error.

One or more patch packages included in 107587-01 are not installed on this

This patch is for the SUNWaccu system accounting package which is installed
on these servers and shows up in the pkginfo list.

Kevin Van Der Hart
LAN Administrator
Vermeer Mfg Co

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